Monday, 17 July 2017

And I did some mixed media.....

I don't often do mixed media work on my backgrounds. I don't like the way the paper warps no matter how much Gesso I put on it...I have a phobia of getting my hands messy...and I don't feel that every page I create needs that added to it.

But I popped into Papermaze with a friend the other day and it was talked about how I don't do mixed I thought I had better give it a try and luckily I felt that this page could do with that extra something. So I dragged out my watercolours and had a try.

Here  is what I came up with... i used this sketch that I found on Pinterest from the Hip Kit Club as my starting off point. I have been trying to use inspiration for my pages lately as I found I as just using the same thing over and over again.

Here is the sketch...I changed it slightly.

 In my old house I had found the perfect spot to take photos of...I have yet to find that spot here so still having trouble with the lighting and funky colours!

I took the triangle element from the sketch and used that. Here are some closeups...

As you can see I have used watercolours on the background but not too much. Thanks for popping in!

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